Meet Jeanie

As a 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Jeanie enjoys teaching lessons of the past in a way that helps students connect to everyday events. Jeanie teaches at Drakes Creek Middle School in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she is passionate about providing a welcoming environment to all children and teaching to each child’s needs.

A devoted mother and wife, Jeanie cheers on her boys in basketball, bike races, and soccer. But her favorite family activity is to drink hot cocoa and read books. As a working mother, Jeanie brings a surge of energy that has been missing from District 32.

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Her husband Alan, who works in healthcare, is her biggest supporter, knowing that Jeanie works hard to help her community. Together, they lived as missionaries in Australia, developing an outreach program for those in need, managing the food bank, and working with the church to create a greater sense of community. Jeanie also enjoyed creating a Sunday School curriculum for the children.

When Jeanie and her husband returned home, they grew their roots in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where they met as students of Western Kentucky University. Jeanie began working with a local farmer’s market to establish a program that would help low-income families have access to locally grown, fresh food, and increase their buying power.


Jeanie knows that the hardworking people of Kentucky need a voice in Frankfort. She was proud to stand up for workers’ rights in the Warren County Fiscal Court as well as in Frankfort. Jeanie spoke out to save our healthcare during a 25-hour live event, where she spoke alongside economists, lawyers, and legislators. Her favorite part of the event was hosting a “Mom’s Hour.” There, she heard from women in the community and the concerns they had regarding healthcare and their families.


A strong advocate for the middle class and the working poor, Jeanie will work tirelessly to stand up for our democratic values.

Jeanie Smith for Kentucky Senate District 32

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