Better for KY

Better for FAMILIES

Jeanie believes that when families have good jobs with fair wages, affordable healthcare and housing, and successful schools, they can thrive. As a working mother, Jeanie knows the challenges facing our families and will work to help families achieve the American dream.

  • Create comprehensive tax reform that eases the tax burden from the middle class
  • Create a better way of life by raising wages
  • Ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible for all Kentuckians
  • Strengthen and support our schools

Better for ED

Jeanie sees the needs of our community every day in her classroom. She also sees how education provides opportunity for all. The lack of funding for our public schools, from preschool to higher education, is stealing the future away from our children. And to make matters even more grave, her opponent has championed charter schools, which will take more funding from our schools that we already know and love, allowing businesses to make money off the backs of our children. There will not be a better advocate for public education, teachers, and children than Jeanie.

  • Prioritize education by fully funding our schools
  • Protect teacher and state employee pensions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of state testing and mandated instructional time
  • Work to make our schools safe from violence and drugs

Better for WORKERS

When lawmakers repealed Prevailing Wage and passed Right to Work, workers in Warren County saw their paychecks shrink. Many laborers have lost thousands of dollars in wages due to this harmful legislation. As a concerned citizen, Jeanie has fought for the rights of workers in the Fiscal Court, as well as in the halls of Frankfort. Now she’s ready to fight for us in the Senate Chamber!

  • Reinstate Prevailing Wage
  • Repeal Right to Work
  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Protect unions and the rights of workers

Better for WOMEN

Currently, there are only four women serving in our State Senate.This past year when the GOP leadership threatened to take away Community Education funding, Jeanie knew how that would hurt families and single mothers who rely on this program for childcare, because her family relies on it too. It’s time for our voice to be at the table. Having experienced complicated pregnancies, Jeanie understands many of the healthcare concerns that women face and wants to work for real solutions for women, like affordable birth control, childcare and healthcare. And it’s time for equal pay for women and improved maternity leave.

  • Improve maternity leave requirements
  • Institute universal pre-K and create affordable childcare options
  • Ensure women have healthcare that is affordable and accessible
  • Require equal pay for equal work

Better for economy

Jeanie is an advocate for small businesses, farmers, and modernized infrastructure. By supporting local residents and industries, she will ensure that our economy is strong and healthy and that small businesses can prosper. We can have a robust economy that creates well-paying jobs for the folks who are working hard, not just the very wealthy elite. Jeanie will work to improve the accessibility of technical and vocational training programs, so that high school graduates as well as non-traditional students, have opportunities for success.

  • Revive and support the local farming industry
  • Simplify the tax code for small businesses
  • Create clear and accessible pathways to good jobs
  • Invest in infrastructure, including internet that reaches every part of the county

Better for KY

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